Nigeria’s Scary Maternal Mortality Rate

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Source: Nigeria Health Care News

Nigeria is said to be the country with the highest percentage of annual maternal mortality in Africa, according to the World Health Organisation, WHO.

Medical experts however believe that the scary data can change for the better if more pregnant women get enrolled for antenatal care and there are increased resources and training provided for health providers especially at the rural level

A recent report by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says in every 10 minutes, one woman dies on account of childbirth in Nigeria.

The disturbing statistics is a true reflection of the reality in the country’s maternal healthcare system with deaths many say are preventable still occurring on a daily basis.

The UNICEF report blames this largely on the lack of financial and geographical access to quality healthcare delivery service

A medical practitioner Becky Adeyemi says the number of deaths continue to rise because many pregnant women lack basic and quality antenatal care.

Adeyemi believes Nigeria’s current statistics of very high deaths per year during childbirth is indicative of inherent lapses in the critical aspects of the healthcare delivery system of the country

Ijeoma Ahalonu has worked as a midwife for several years assisting expectant mothers

Accessing quality healthcare may continue to elude majority of the population with funding for health still very poor both at the federal and state levels.

The ill-equipped primary healthcare centres and inadequate professional manpower in spite of government promises remain clear evidence that revamping the health sector and reversing the negative narrative in maternal and infant mortality is yet to be given priority by the government.


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