The Academic Clinic: A collaboration with Health Care Institutions in Nigeria.

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Academic Clinic is a global health care outreach, established with the aim of collaborating and bringing global health resources to health care institutions in Nigeria, including Academic Teaching Hospitals and Specialist Hospitals, as well as private health care institutions, individuals and stakeholders. The mission is to drive home various global health care initiatives, with the goal of reducing global health disparity.

We hope on stakeholders’ continuous support to reach out and provide support for the healthcare needs in Nigeria. We would do this by offering systematic and integrated participatory program platforms, with real-time Telehealth engagement, feedback survey and  program evaluation, in order to assess the impact of the overall global health resources. For example, the lifetime impact of donated durable medical equipment will be measured,  analyzed and reported.

We are currently developing this website and the software tools that would aid in the automated process. We are also working to link various Global Health program initiatives with Academia and Mission hospitals and other Hospitals locally, through this Integrated platform.

We hope to bring this innovative global health initiative to the doorsteps of individual health care consumers, to assist in improving health care. Hopefully, this will ultimately help in bridging the global health disparity.

Dr. Chris Oriuwa.

Dr. Jane Nwazue.

Ms. Velma Isidore, MPA, MPH.

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