Your Platform

Academic Clinic platform is established by Global Health Practice, Inc, with the vision of having a strong web-based platform collaborations, with Academic Teaching and Specialist Hospitals as well as Government agencies and other healthcare institutions and consumers in Nigeria, to improve population health, through online healthcare news and reports, health promotion and research dissemination. This vision will help drive various global health initiatives, including telemedicine platforms, through partnerships, with the aim of reducing global health disparity.

We plan on every stakeholder’s continuous support to meet the healthcare needs in Nigeria and offer a systematic and integrated program platform, with real-time Telehealth engagement, feedback survey and  program evaluation, and thereby assess the impact of various global health programs. We are bringing this innovative global health initiative to doorstep of individual patient, to assist in improving their care. For instance, investigating and reporting the lifetime impact of donated durable medical equipment.

We are also working to showcase the activities of various Global Health players whose programs, initiatives and partnerships with Academia, Mission hospitals, local government agencies and communities in Nigeria, will be highlighted through this Integrated platform. Therefore, we invite Physicians, Students, healthcare partners as well as healthcare consumers and communities to join the platform and contribute to the blog and commentaries.

We hope that this will ultimately help in bridging the global health disparity.

Wishing you and your community good health.

Global Health Practice, Inc., New York, USA.