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A brief introduction to the concept of academicclinic.org website and its goal.

First, it is a website that will seek institutional affiliations, forums and content contributions and connected health concept, from academic and non-academic staff of all healthcare institutions in Nigeria, both public and private.

Its main focus will be to assess and critically evaluate current state of health care in Nigeria and offer improved methods and practices of population health solutions.

‘Champions’ of best practices in health care will be promoted and showcased. Every contributor to healthcare solutions is a champion, and all are invited to contribute by Creating a forum (public or private groups) they can moderate and network with others.

Expert forum and groups are created to offer quick information and solutions to current health care problems.

The multimedia and TV will offer coverage current state of affairs in our health care, to stimulate solutions and motivate our health care Champions.

Although, the website content is currently still developing, everyone’s welcome to help in it’s development!

So, please get ready to join either now or in the near future and contribute as champions of our health care development, in different ways.

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